Prices of accommodation, 2023

low season high season*
adults & breakfast
adults with half board extra bed
adults dinner
children under 12 years & breakfast
children under 12 years dinner
children 2-4 years & breakfast
children 2-4 years dinner
children under 2 years

* main season

Single room, apartment +/day

Dog /day

Overnight stay +

A room with a balcony +/day

For schools, kindergartens and training prices by appointment

The price does not include the Srní municipal authority fee

If canceled 14-7 days before arrival, cancellation fee will be half the down payment

If canceled less than 7 days before arrival, the total cancellation fee will be full down payment



TEL./FAX:+420 376 599 413

MOBIL:+420 606 179 512

Srní 123
Zip Code 341 92